“Ex pluribus unum”

These words, universally known to be the original United States of America motto, mean that there is strength in numbers. This quotation is well depicted in the logo of the Firm, where several knights perfectly fit together inside an arch reminding of the thermal window on the western side of the Cavallerizza. The logo wants to communicate the idea that only through merging of ideas, cultures, and experiences of different people one can be able to offer professionally qualified services.

dott. Vittorio Pincelli

dott. Tostati Maurizio

dott. Leone Lorenzo

dott. Fiacchi Gian Luigi

dott. Munari Stefano

dott. Pincelli Guido

dott.ssa Anna Rosa Girondini

dott.ssa Barbara Ruffaldi

dott.ssa Barbara Tavernari

dott.ssa Elena Roncaglia

dott.ssa Federica Caroli

dott. Marco Mililli

dott.ssa Monica Spezzani

dott.ssa Serena Amidei

dott.ssa Simona Righi

Studio Pincelli & Associati