“Sic ex murice gemmae”

The coat of arms of the city of Sassuolo features these words, together with two fleur-de-lis growing from three rocks emerging from water. The english translation of the motto, well represented by the emblem, is “From rocks bloom gems”: words that perfectly depict the extraordinary development of the ceramic district whose undisputable capital is Sassuolo.

The accounting Firm Pincelli & Partners was founded in 1971 by Vittorio Pincelli and quickly became a reference for local businesses, especially for those located in the ceramic district of Sassuolo, producing ceramic tiles and plants or machinery for the ceramic industry.The Firm has grown together with its clients, encouraging their industrial development and accompanying them in the process of internationalization, thereby developing a wide professional experience that allowed the Firm to find new clients in different sectors and areas.

Today, the Firm offers its services to both Italian and multinational firms and groups working in several different industry, commerce, and service sectors.