Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted”

(Albert Einstein)

Main activities include:
-Preparation of annual financial statements and relevant reports, including consolidated financial statements;
-Preparation of income tax statements and Irap (local production tax), VAT statements, and other mandatory tax statements;
-Transmission of periodical circulars drafted by the firm;
-Written or phone consulting on ordinary business management matters

-Tax planning for foreign investments in Italy and Italian investments abroad;
-Consulting regarding the interpretation and application of conventions against double taxation and EU regulations on direct and indirect taxation;
-Consulting for multinational groups regarding transfer pricing and cost sharing agreements policies and other intra-group relationships;
-Consolidation agreements and fiscal transparency;
-Tax relief evaluation;
-Assistance in the drafting of sub-annual financial statements, budgets, and business plans;
-Assistance and consulting regarding financial statements analysis and implementation and management of management control systems;
-Ex-officio and part technical consulting in civil litigations;
-Statutory audits (if necessary, the firm can guarantee the intervention of external auditors);
-Assistance to companies during Tax Authorities verifications;
-Assistance in case of tax litigations.

Over the years, the firm has developed a specific experience in the field of tax, financial, and contractual consulting related to extraordinary corporate transactions, also on an international level, with particular references to:
-Corporate restructuring and group reorganization through merger, division, transformation, sale, acquisition, and transfer of companies and/or shares;
-Leverage and management buy out transactions;
-Joint ventures;
-Accounting and tax due diligence;
-Trust establishment and management.

The firm assists several companies in their growth process through the so-called ‘capital market’, by offering financial, contractual, and tax consulting in the following fields:
-Capital and financing operations: capital increase and decrease, bond issue;
-Legal and tax advantages evaluation related to financing forms, dividends’ distribution, and capital restitution;
-Financial crisis management through assistance and consulting for restructuring and debt renegotiation with financial institutions and, if necessary, through definition of recovery plans aiming at company economical and financial rebalance such as: recovery plans drafting / documentation e.g. section 67 L.F., plans for composition with creditors e.g. section 160 L.F, and restructuring agreements, e.g. section 182-bis L.F.;
-Research and selection of private and public financial partners for corporate growth and internationalization, mainly through Private Equity, Simest, Sace funds.

The firm can count on a long-term practice in consulting related on business and corporate assets evaluation (shares, brands, etc.) with particular reference to:
-Business evaluation and company shares;
-Drafting of reports and estimates required by applicable regulations: provision operations reports (e.g. section 2343 and 2465 of the Italian Civil Code), mergers after debt (e.g. section 2501-bis of the Italian Civil Code), share fiscal re-evaluation, etc.

The firm offers:
-Assistance in choosing the company form and location, drafting articles, corporate agreements, etc.;
-Assistance in ordinary corporate activities: board meetings and assemblies (relevant procedures, reports, deposits, etc.); voluntary liquidation operations;
-Assistance in creating unions and company networks;
-Contractual, tax, and financial assistance for the drafting of all sorts of contracts, also with foreign subjects, including: leasing agreements, promotion, distribution, sale, contracting, lease and financial lease, franchising, financing, sponsoring, etc.

The firm has expertise in the field of close corporation control, family succession transactions, and rationalization of family assets. In particular, the firm offers tax, financial, and contractual consulting in the following fields:
-Establishment and management of share holding companies;
-Establishment of national and foreign trusts and other forms of asset segregation;
-Planning of family succession in corporate proprieties, also through family agreements, in order to preserve company continuity